Vol 29 (2001)

Conference - New Orleans, LA

TitleAuthor / NotesPageFile
Proceedings Information and ContentsProceeding Information and Contents Proceedings Information and Contentsi - viPDF
Statistical Properties of Monthly Equity Returns: Some Preliminary Results for BangladeshAnisul M. Islam, Kabir M. Hassan1 - 6PDF
Decimalization: The First Three MonthsRonald C. Kettering7 - 10PDF
Can Traditional Universities Choice Improve Their Outlook With Nontraditional MethodsMary R. Meridith, Paul Meridith, Elizabeth Harris11 - 16PDF
Tornadoes As A Natural Experiment In Rational ChoiceBarbara McCain, Kevin M Simmons, Jonathon Willner17 - 30PDF
Beef, Banana And, Now, Foreign Sales CorporationsRamMohan R. Yallapragada, Madhu R Paruchi31 - 34PDF
Buying Tornado Safety: What Will It Cost?Daniel Miller, Denny Morgan, Cristy Womack35 - 44PDF
IPO Premiums And Investor Behavior In The Neuer MarketAnne Macy45 - 48PDF
The Derived Demand for Imported Wheat in GhanaAndrew Washington, Ashagre Yigletu, Donald Andrews49 - 58PDF
Officers, call for papers, manuscript guidelinesOfficers, call for papers, manuscript gu Officers, call for papers, manuscript guidelines59 - 66PDF
Lost Consumer Surplus from Natural DisasterRichard M. Vogel67 - 74PDF