Vol 40 (2013)

TitleAuthor / NotesPageFile
SER 2013 Front Pages-i-vi.pdfSER 2013 Front Pages-i-vi.pdf SER 2013 Front Pages-i-vi.pdfi-viPDF
The Impact of Yield Slope on Stock PerformanceGeungu Yu, Phillip Fuller, Dal Didia 1-10PDF
On Those Firms Identified by Value Line as Having the Greatest Three to Five Year Growth Potential in a Period of Economic RecesRoman Wong, Nichole Castater, Bruce Payne 11-23PDF
Comparing Video Game Sales by Gaming PlatformNeil Terry, Jeffry Babb25-46PDF
The Rationality Assumption, Learning and Utility Attainment Over TimeDale R. Funderburk, Raymond J. Ballard47-61PDF
Asymmetric Adjustments of Mexican Bank Lending Rates in the NAFTA and WTO EraChu V. Nguyen63-74PDF
Social Insurance and Public Good Motive: Is There a Gender Difference in the Demand for Welfare Programs?M. Solaiman Miah75-89PDF
Labor Income and Religiosity: Evidence from Survey DataNeil R. Meredith91-112PDF
Exchange Rate Volatility and Trade Flows: the EU and TurkeyZulal S. Denaux, Rebecca Falks113-121PDF
Consumer Credit & the Housing Market: an Examination of Trends in Home Equity Lines of CreditNorbert Michel, John Lajaunie, Shari Lawrence, Ronnie Fanguy123-135PDF
The Determination of Individual Financial Planning HorizonsJames P. Dow, Jr, Yanbo Jin137-149PDF
Southwestern Society of Economists Past and Present Officers 1982 to PresentSouthwestern Society of Economists Past Southwestern Society of Economists Past and Present Officers 1982 to Present151-154PDF