Vol 31 (2004)

TitleAuthor / NotesPageFile
Journal info., contents, preface, reviewersJournal info., contents, preface, review Journal info., contents, preface, reviewersi - viiiPDF
Workable Competition and the Life Insurance Market: A Quantitative AnalysisAndrew W. Bacdayan, Robert S. Elliott, Robert C. Jones1-12PDF
Impacts of Selected, Media-reported, Beef Safety Problems on Consumer Beef PurchasesAlvin Schupp, Jeffrey Gillespie, Carol E. O’Neil, Witoon Prinyawiwatkul13-30PDF
Uncertainty and Multiproduct Monopoly: Spillovers Across Unrelated MarketsDale S. Bremmer31-40PDF
Yield Coverage Levels as Deductibles in Crop Insurance Contracts: Is the Effect on Falsification Behavior Significant?Roderick M. Rejesus, Bert B. Little79-98PDF
A Game Theoretic Explanation of the Differing Views of Majors and Independents on UnitizationStuart T. MacDonald99-108PDF
What Is Wrong with Money? An Attempt to Understand the Impact of Credit on Money Demand EstimationsIsmail H. Genc, Selahattin Bekmez109-130PDF
A Spatial Analysis of a Rural Land Market Using Alternative Spatial Weight MatricesPatricia Soto, Lonnie R. Vandeveer, Steven A. Henning, Huizhen Niu131-140PDF
The Simple IS-lM Model with Credit RationingRoland Buck141-156PDF
An Analysis of the Financial Characteristics of Firms That Experienced Heavy Buying and Selling by Insiders During a Period of EBruce C. Payne, Roman M. Wong157-168PDF
A Note on the Network EffectCharles E. Hegji169-176PDF
The Relationship Between Political and Economic Openness and Foreign Direct InvestmentCarl B. McGowan, Jr.177-188PDF
Using Seasonal and Cyclical Components in Least Squares Forecasting ModelsFrank G. Landram, Amjad Abdullat, Vivek Shah189-196PDF
Officers, call for papers, manuscript guidelinesOfficers, call for papers, manuscript gu Officers, call for papers, manuscript guidelines125 - 132PDF
SER 2015 Front Pages i-viJusto Manrique, Helen H. Jensen41-56PDF
The Impact on Product Prices of Mergers in the Petroleum IndustryRoderick P. Rogers, Benjamin Hollinger57-78PDF