Vol 42 (2015)

TitleAuthor / NotesPageFile
SER 2015 Front Pages i-viAnne Macyi-viPDF
Transfer Pricing: How to Apply the Economics of Differential Pricing to Higher EducationMarshall Horton, John Cox, James Files1-14PDF
The Determinants of Box Office Revenue for Documentary MoviesNeil Terry, Leigh Browning, Lisa Mitchell15-28PDF
A Canonical Correlation Approach to Investigate the Determinants of Investment SafetyRoman Wong, Nichole Castater, Bruce Payne29-44PDF
How Progressive Is the U.S. Tax System?Syed Shahabuddin45-68PDF
Determinants of the Soaring Growth of U.S. Non-Marital BirthsFrederic L. Pryor69-81PDF
Behavior of the Vietnamese Equity PremiumChu V. Nguyen83-98PDF
The Economic Impact of Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Spending on ResearchFritz Laux, Brian Jackson, Justin Halpern99-112PDF
How Non-profit Inspection Services Can Correct for Credence Good Type Market FailuresJohn McCollough113-124PDF
The Impact of Changes in the Dow Jones Industrial Average List on Prices and Trading VolumesGeungu Yu, Phillip Fuller, Patricia A. Freeman125-134PDF
Us-Australia Trade Balance and Exchange Rate DynamicsMatiur Rahman, Muhammad Mustafa135-145PDF
Saving for Sustainability: Why a 10% Personal Saving Rate Is Too LowLaura L. Coogan, John Lajaunie, Shari Lawrence147-160PDF
An Empirical Re-examination of the Fisher Hypothesis: Panel Cointegration TestsSwarna (Bashu) Dutt, Dipak Ghosh161-174PDF
Digitization and Recorded Music Sales Whither the 'Long Tail'?Ian Strachan175-196PDF
Louisiana Motion Picture Incentive Program: How Well Is It Working?Anthony J. Greco197-211PDF
Southwestern Society of Economists Past and Present Officers 1982 to Present1982 to Present212-216PDF