Vol 28 (2001)

TitleAuthor / NotesPageFile
A Neoclassical Model of the Role of Exports in the Economic Growth of MalaysiaS. Ali Ahmadi21-30PDF
Journal info., contents, preface, reviewersEdward M. McNertneyi - viiPDF
A Capital Asset Pricing Approach to Abandonment Decisions in Real Estate InvestmentBruce C. Payne, Stephen O. Morrell and Birute Clottey1-6PDF
An Estimation of Technical Change and Productivity Using a Translog Function for Greek Industrial SectorsGeorge M. Korres55-74PDF
Causal Relationships Between Government Size and Economi Development: An Empirical Study of the U.S.Anisul M. Islam, Ashgar Nazemzadeh75-88PDF
Consumer Willingness to Purchase Imported versus US-Produced Durable GoodsAlvin Schupp, Jeffrey Gillespie89-98PDF
Do Virtual Courses Lead to Virtual Learning?Neil Terry, James Owens, and Anne Macy99-106PDF
Dominance in the New York Clearinghouse: Citibank versus ChaseCharles M. Becker, Edward M. McNertney107-118PDF
Factors Influencing Agricultural Land Value in the Sugarcane Area of LouisianaStephen A. Henning, Janis Bruner Breaux, Lonnie R. Vandeever and Bary Kennedy119-134PDF
Money, Income and Dynamic Lag Pattern ReconsideredYong U. Glasure and Louie Ren135-142PDF
The Economic Incentives of Corporate RelocationSharon H. Johns, Michael Kinney143-158PDF
The Efficacy of Prison Labor Production: the Texas Wardens RespondNeil Terry, Barry Duman159-168PDF
The Impact of Unions on South Central State Economies: A Steady State AnalysisLouis J. Pantuosco, Darrell Parker169-178PDF
Officers, call for papers, manuscript guidelinesOfficers, call for papers, manuscript guidelines179-188PDF