Vol 44 (2017)

TitleAuthor / NotesPageFile
SWER 2017, Number 1, Front PagesAnne Macyi-viPDF
Underrepresentation of Hispanics in Gifted EducationElenda Andreadis, Michael A. Quinn1-14PDF
Trade Based Money Laundering in Select Asian Economies: A Comparative Approach Using the Gravity ModelHenry Balani, Joshua J. Lewer, Mariana Saenz15-28PDF
Using a Modified Dividend Discount Model for Stock Market GamesGeungu Yu, Jean-Claude Assad, Phillip Fuller29-42PDF
Assessing Advertising Bids in Generalized-Secondary Auctions for Improved Selection of Search Engine KeywordsSean L. Humpherys, Neil R. Meredith43-66PDF
The Determinants of U.S. Retail Sales: 1993-2003Yu Hsing, Michael C. Budden, Antoinette S. Phillips67-74PDF
Assessment of FIN 48 Liabilities: A Proposed Experiment Highlighting Flexible UncertaintyZhan Z. Furner75-98PDF
The Contemporaneous Effect of Unemployment on Crime Rates: The Case of Indiana Guanlin Goa, Bo Liu, Ingrid Kouassi99-108PDF
A Financial Profile of Firms Identified as Institutional Favorites in Emerging MarketsBruce C. Payne, Roman Wong, John B. Payne109-122PDF
U.S. Banking Sector Development and Growth NexusMuhammad Mustafa, Matiur Rahman123-144PDF
SWER 2017, Number 1, Back PagesAnne Macy145-150PDF
SWER 2017, Number 1, Back PagesAnne Macy145-150PDF
SWER 2017, Number 2, Front PagesAnne Macyi-viPDF
Analysis of Quasi-Collusive Behavior in Grocery RetailFidel Ezeala-Harrison, John Baffoe-Bonnie1-20PDF
Underwater and Understudied: Unterseebooten in the First World WarBruce McClung, John Ross21-44PDF
Amenities and County-Level Migration: Does Diversity Matter?Susanne L. Toney45-58PDF
The Affordable Care Act Impact on Stock Performance of Hospital Service CompaniesNeil Terry, Anne Macy, Amber Black, Maxwell Pierce59-74PDF
Does Information Overload Crowd out Environmental Consciousness in Consumption?Chiradip Chatterjee, Ece H. Guleryuz75-96PDF
Sector Exchange Traded Funds: An Analysis of Fund Flow and ReturnAbdullah Noman, Shari Lawrence, John Lajaunie, Michelle Connell97-116PDF
the Productivity Effect of Employee Profit Sharing Programs: A Methodology NoteYu Peng Lin117-130PDF
Tourism and Trade Nexus in Selected Developing CountriesMercy Laita Palamuleni131-146PDF
SWER 2017, Number 2, Back PagesAnne Macy147-152PDF