Vol 45 (2018)

TitleAuthor / NotesPageFile
SWER 2018 Front PagesAnne Macyi-viPDF
Insights into Economic Interactions and Tropical DeforestationDal Didia, Jing Yuan, and Lydia Didia1-16PDF
Consumer Sentiment, Return, and Flow of Funds to Sector Exchange Traded FundsAbdullah Noman and Shari Lawrence 17-32PDF
The Information Effort of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act: Analysts' Earnings ForecastsHuabing (Barbara) Wang33-56PDF
On the Use of Enterprise Value Multiples as Indicators of Intrinsic Value in Emerging MarketsBruce Payne, Roman Wong, and Michael Tyler57-72PDF
The West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil Price Pass - Through Since the Application of Slickwater FracturingChu V. Nguyen73-90PDF
Wage and Obesity: A New Look into the Generation YGuanlin Gao, Bo Liu, and Yiwen Yu91-104PDF
Does Being Placed on EPA Watch List Impact a Firm's Stock Market Returns?Lirong Liu, Srinivas Nippani, and Zhou Yang105-124PDF
Market-Informed Education: Responsiveness of Graduate Business ProgramsNeil Terry, Anne Macy, De'Arno De'Armond, and List Mitchell125-136PDF
Impact of Human Capital to Economic Growth in U.S. CountiesLitao Zhong137-152PDF
SWER 2018 Back PagesAnne Macy153-158PDF