Vol 33 (2006)

TitleAuthor / NotesPageFile
Journal info., contents, preface, reviewersJournal info., contents, preface, review Journal info., contents, preface, reviewersi - viiiPDF
Income Inequality, Social Status and GrowthBala Veeramacheneni, Richard Vogel1-8PDF
The Impact of Immigration on Bi-Lateral Trade: OECD Results from 1991-2000Joshua J. Lewer9-22PDF
Financial Development, Investment, Productivity and Economic Growth in the U.S.Teame Ghirmay23-40PDF
Structure of American Business: Goods Versus ServicesEdward Nissan41-56PDF
Real Exchange Rate Misalignment and Economic Growth in Developing CountriesDosse Toulaboe57-74PDF
Impact of Offshore Outsourcing of IT Services on the US EconomyKalyan Chakraborty, William Remington73-94PDF
Comparing the Efficacy of Domestic Versus International Child AdoptionNeil Terry, Nancy Turner, Jennifer Falkner95-106PDF
On the Economics of Manufacturers and Dealers: A ReexaminationCharles E. Hegji, Evan C. Moore107-120PDF
Testing Symmetry in Price Transmission ModelsWayne M. Gauthier, Hector O. Zapata121-136PDF
Can EQIP Enhance Environmental Quality?: A Time Series and Cross-sectional AnalysisFidel Ezeala-Harrison137-148PDF
Do Commodity Prices Still Show Excess Co-movement?Eric Blankmeyer149-160PDF
Economics of Irrigated Cotton-grain Sorghum Rotations in the Southern High Plains of TexasPhillip N. Johnson, Jason Blackshear, Eduardo Segarra161-172PDF
A Model of the Cyclical Behavior of the Price Earnings MultipleHassan Shirvani, Barry Wilbratte173-182PDF
Input Decisions of Competitive Firms Under Uncertainty: Some Comparative Analyses Using Risk-Return ModelsKishor Kumar Guru-Gharana, Matiur Rahman183-200PDF
Officers, call for papers, manuscript guidelinesOfficers, call for papers, manuscript gu Officers, call for papers, manuscript guidelines201 - 208PDF