Vol 34 (2007)

TitleAuthor / NotesPageFile
Journal info., contents, preface, reviewersJournal info., contents, preface, review Journal info., contents, preface, reviewersi - viiiPDF
Comparing Business Concentration of the General Merchandisers Industry with Other IndustriesEdward Nissan, George Carter1-14PDF
The Determinants of Student College DebtAnne Macy, Neil Terry15-26PDF
A Threshold Cointegration Test of the Fisher Hypothesis: Case Study of 5 European NationsSwarna Dutt, Dipak Ghosh41-50PDF
Financial Innovation and the Stability of Money Demand in KoreaDong W. Cho, William Miles51-60PDF
The Effects of Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Growth: the Case of Sub-Sahara AfricaAbdulhamid Sukar, Syed Ahmed, Seid Hassan61-74PDF
Information Technology and Economic Growth: A Causal AnalysisBala Veeramacheneni, E M. Ekanayake, Richard Vogel75-88PDF
Trade Liberalization and Its Impact on the Relative Wage and Employment of Unskilled Workers in the United StatesMesghena Yasin89-102PDF
Stock Price and Exchange Rate Causality: the Case of Four ASEAN CountriesD. Agus Harjito, Carl B. McGowan, Jr.103-114PDF
Retirement Savings of the Hip Generation: a Study of Retirement Preparation among Individuals in Their FiftiesM. Kabir Hassan, Shari B. Lawrence115-130PDF
Assessing the Efficiency of Oklahoma Public Schools: a Data Envelopment AnalysisSusanne Rassouli-Currier131-144PDF
How Did Public Assistance Policy Reforms Affect Women’s Welfare Program Participation?Ho Jin Lee, Akinori Tomohara145-160PDF
Qualities and Effective-Quantities of Slaves in New OrleansJohn Levendis161-178PDF
Do Recent Changes in the Dow Jones Industrial Average Support the Price-Pressure Hypothesis?Patricia A. Freeman, Geungu Yu, Phillip Fuller179-186PDF
Does the Announcement of Changes in the Statutory Reserve Requirement Provide Relevant Economic News for the Malaysian Stock MarBany Ariffin, Carl B. McGowan, Jr.187-200PDF
Officers, call for papers, manuscript guidelinesOfficers, call for papers, manuscript gu Officers, call for papers, manuscript guidelines201 - 208PDF