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Impacts of Public Education Accountability Indicators on Test Scores and Policy Implications Conference - Houston, TX Yu Hsing, Michael C. Budden 1 - 8 PDF
Toward More Humane and Effective Economic Sanctions: With Special Reference to Iraq Conference - Houston, TX Mohamad A. Khalil 13 - 26 PDF
Critical Issues in Health Economics Conference - Houston, TX B. J. Dooley, Arthur Schroeder, Fred Landry, Edwin Deshautelle, Cynthia Darbonne 27 - 32 PDF
Big Time Endowments Conference - Houston, TX Jonathan Willner 33 - 46 PDF
Electronic Money and Monetary Policy Conference - Houston, TX Reynolds Griffith 47 - 56 PDF
Ecological Attitudes of Farmers and Adoption of Best Management Practices Conference - Houston, TX Steven A. Henning, Ying Zhong, Hugo Cardona 57 - 70 PDF
Federal Funds and Texas State Expenditures: Some Preliminary Results Conference - Houston, TX Anisul M. Islam 71 - 76 PDF
Identifying Linkages Between the Study of Markets and General Education Goals Conference - Houston, TX Wayne M. Gauthier 77 - 88 PDF
Officers, call for papers, manuscript guidelines Conference - Houston, TX Officers, call for papers, manuscript gu Officers, call for papers, manuscript guidelines 89 - 96 PDF
Bertrand Competition and the choice of Inputs Conference - Houston, TX Richard Cox 9 - 12 PDF
Proceedings Information and Contents Conference - Houston, TX Proceedings Information and Contents Proceedings Information and Contents i - vi PDF