Volume Title Author Page Number PDF
Vol 49 SWER 2022 Front Pages Anne Macy i-vi PDF
Vol 49 Does Tourism Foster Human Development? Ardl Cointegration Approach Analysis for Utah Maritza Sotomayor, Utah Valley University Jhana Aristondo, University of Utah 1-28 PDF
Vol 49 A Comparative Study Of Trailing and Forward-looking Optimal Portfolios Of Djia Stocks Geungu Yu, Jackson State University 51-62 PDF
Vol 49 A Financial Inquiry Into Those Industries Reporting The Greatest Contributions To Economic Value Added (Eva) in a Period of Economic Growth Payne, Andreas School of Business Barry University Nichole Castater, Andreas School of Business Barry University Gayle Workman, Andreas School of Business Barry University 63-76 PDF
Vol 49 Barnett and Haynesville Shale Plays and Their Impact on the Southewest Natural Gas Transportation Corridor and Beyond Kathleen Arano, Indiana University Southeast Marieta Velikova, Belmont University 77-98 PDF
Vol 49 The Impacts of USMCA on the U.S., Canada, and Mexico Stock Markets Srinivas Nippani, Texas A&M University-Commerce Chun-Da Chen, Lamar University 99-119 PDF
Vol 49 SWER 2022 Back Pages Anne Macy 120-125 PDF