Volume Title Author Page Number PDF
Vol 30 Journal info., contents, preface, reviewers Journal info., contents, preface, review Journal info., contents, preface, reviewers i - viii PDF
Vol 30 Indiana?s Export Base: a Comparison of Export Industries Across Indiana?s Metropolitan Statistical Areas Wayne Bartholomew, Paul Joray, Paul Kochanowski 1-22 PDF
Vol 30 Measuring Productive Efficiency and Cost of Public Education Kalyan Chakraborty 23-34 PDF
Vol 30 Do College Endowments Matter? The Case of Educational Spending Harold R. Christensen, Elizabeth L. Rankin 35-42 PDF
Vol 30 Modeling Central Bank Behavior With A Taylor-Type Rule: The Case of Developing Nations with Open Economies William Seyfried, Dale Bremmer 43-50 PDF
Vol 30 The Cycle of Poverty: New Insights to an Old Problem Joshua J. Lewer 51-58 PDF
Vol 30 Public Spending and Economic Growth: Empirical Investigation of Sub-Saharan Africa Mesghena Yasin 59-68 PDF
Vol 30 IPO Premiums and Investor Behavior in the Neuer Market Anne Macy 69-78 PDF
Vol 30 The Trade-Creating Effects of Capital Mobility: Recent Evidence from Latin America Joshua J. Lewer, Neil Terry 79-90 PDF
Vol 30 Russian Versus Bulgarian Personality Varibles: New Findings with Implications for Entrepreneurship, Economic Development and Mar Gary B. Jackson, Charles R. Strain, Dan Ghosh, Sam Ghosh 91-98 PDF
Vol 30 The Lecture-versus-case Controversy: Its Philosophical Foundation Kavous Ardalan 99-118 PDF
Vol 30 Explaining Contradictions from Econometric Models Frank G. Landram, Amjad Abdullat 119-124 PDF
Vol 30 Officers, call for papers, manuscript guidelines Officers, call for papers, manuscript gu Officers, call for papers, manuscript guidelines 125 - 132 PDF