Volume Title Author Page Number PDF
Vol 27 Journal info., contents, preface, reviewers John S. Kaminarides i - vii PDF
Vol 27 An Analysis of the Effect of Mayoral Salaries Upon Municipal Expenditures Sharon Johns 1 - 12 PDF
Vol 27 Implications of the Fair Act on the Risk-Return Relationship of Southwest Louisiana Producers Gary Kennedy, Steven Henning, Lonni 23 - 32 PDF
Vol 27 An Analysis of Teen Smoking Demand in Southeast Texas Donald Price, Bradley Mayer, Huei Lee, and Gary Moore 13 - 22 PDF
Vol 27 Nominal Bilateral Exchange Rate and Nominal Foreign Direct Investment: Evidence for Pakistan and Sri Lanka Matiur Rahman, Muhammad Mustafa, and Mahmud Rahman 33 - 40 PDF
Vol 27 Spatial Economic Analysis of a Rural Land Market Steven Henning, Lonnie Vandeveer, Huizhen Niu, and Gary Kennedy 147-160 PDF
Vol 27 The Electric Utility Industry in the Central United States in Inflation: An Overview Charles M. Becker, Edward M. McNertney 97-110 PDF
Vol 27 Subsidizing the Performing Arts: Profit, Loss, and Residual Demand Richard Vogel 75-88 PDF
Vol 27 The Chase Manhattan Corporation Competitive Outlook Post Mergers and Associated Corporate Restructuring in the \New Era\""",Charles Becker Edward McNertney" 69-78 PDF
Vol 27 The Determinants of Job Satisfaction of Male and Female Business Administration Faculty Elizabeth Rankin, C. Nichols McKinney 79-96 PDF