Volume Title Author Page Number PDF
Vol 43 SWER 2016 Front Pages Anne Macy i-v PDF
Vol 43 On the Risk Return Characteristics of those Firms Experiencing the Highest Free Cash Flow Yield Bruce C. Payne, Romon Wong, and John B. Payne 1-13 PDF
Vol 43 Teenage Socializing and High School Completion Solomon T. Tesfu 15-39 PDF
Vol 43 International Efficacy of Okun's Law Matiur Rahman and Muhammad Mustafa 41-51 PDF
Vol 43 The Determinants of Box Office Revenue for Movie Sequels Neil Terry, Lisa Mitchell, Ashley Morgan, and James Owens 53-71 PDF
Vol 43 Casualities Among U.S. Countercyclical Policies and their Impacts on the Economy Chu V. Nguyen 73-85 PDF
Vol 43 Demographic Factors Affecting Macroeconomic Expectations James P. Dow 87-101 PDF
Vol 43 The Impact of State Corporate Tax Rate Changes on State Economic Performance Rex Pjesky 103-115 PDF
Vol 43 A Simultaneous-Equation Model of the Determinants of the Thai Baht/U.S. Dollar Exchange Rate Yu Hsing 117-125 PDF
Vol 43 A Note on Diversity, Institutions, and Conflict Adrian Austin, Swarna Dutt, and Dipak Ghosh 127-138 PDF
Vol 43 Asymmetric Information and Lemons Hypothesis: Further Evidence from the U.S. Data Arif Sultan 141-149 PDF
Vol 43 The Impact of EPA Regulations on the U.S. Manufacturing Industries Soumendra Nath Banerjee 151-163 PDF
Vol 43 SWER End Pages 2016 Anne Macy 164-168 PDF