Volume Title Author Page Number PDF
Vol 46 SWER 2019 Front Pages Anne Macy i-vi PDF
Vol 46 The Economics Of Edufacturing: Historical Roots Of The Bifurcation Of American Higher Education Marshall J. Horton 1-16 PDF
Vol 46 A Financial Analysis Of Those Firms In Emerging Markets With The Greatest Capital Expenditures In A Period Of Decline Gayle Workman, Daniel Rosenberg, Bruce Payne 17-30 PDF
Vol 46 Examining the Link Between Entrepreneurs and Risky Sexual Behavior Nicholas J. Hill, Sondra Collins, and Micah E. S. Crump 31-46 PDF
Vol 46 Effects of Exchange Rate Movements on Aggregate Output in Peru Yu Hsing, Antoinette S. Phillips, and Carl Phillips 47-58 PDF
Vol 46 The Relationship Between Self-Employment and Economic Development Mihai Nica 59-86 PDF
Vol 46 An Economic Analysis of Mandatory Deposit System of Beverage Containers Sontachai Suwanakul, Chiou-nan Yeh, and Jessica Platt 87-96 PDF
Vol 46 Testing Multiple Financial Bubbles in the NASDAQ Index Swarna D. Dutt, Dipak Ghosh, and Adrian Austin 97-108 PDF
Vol 46 A U.S. For-Profit Education Industry Index's Performance During a Recession Andrew S. Griffith 109-128 PDF
Vol 46 Style Analysis of Sustainable Funds S P Uma Rao 129-148 PDF
Vol 46 The U.S. Adjustable Rate Pass-Through Before and After the 2008 Subprime Mortgages Crisis Chu V. Nguyen 149-168 PDF
Vol 46 SWER 2019, Number 1, Back Pages Anne Macy 169-173 PDF