Volume Title Author Page Number PDF
Vol 32 Journal info., contents, preface, reviewers Journal info., contents, preface, review Journal info., contents, preface, reviewers i - viii PDF
Vol 32 Two-Tier Wage Systems in Rural Agriculture: Evidence from Indonesian Micro Data Fidel Ezeala-Harrison 1-12 PDF
Vol 32 Examining the Relationship Between Employment and Economic Growth in the Ten Largest States William Seyfried 13-24 PDF
Vol 32 The Value of Information about Child Care Quality Hilde Patron 25-34 PDF
Vol 32 Neighborhood Factors Affecting Apartment Vacancy Rates in Los Angeles James P. Dow, Jr. 35-44 PDF
Vol 32 Soundness and Structure of International Banking Edward Nissan 45-60 PDF
Vol 32 An Economic Explanation for the Changing Nature of University Faculty Marshall J. Horton 61-74 PDF
Vol 32 Productivity Analysis in Latin America: Explaining the Lost Decade of the 1970?s Joshua J. Lewer 75-84 PDF
Vol 32 Betting Market Efficiency at Premiere Racetracks Marshall Gramm 85-93 PDF
Vol 32 Consumer Willingness to Pay for Attributes of Flat Iron Steak Susan Watson, Erin Tucker, Darren Hudson 93-100 PDF
Vol 32 Simulation of the Economic Impact of Region-Wide Electricity Outages from a Natural Hazard Using a CGE Model Gauri Shankar Guha 101-124 PDF
Vol 32 U.S.-Japan and U.S.-Canada Bilateral Real Trade Balances: An Empirical Exploration Muhammad Mustafa, Matiur Rahman 125-136 PDF
Vol 32 The Determinants of Domestic Box Office Performance in the Motion Picture Industry Neil Terry, Michael Butler, De?Arno De?Armond 137-148 PDF
Vol 32 The Coefficient of Prediction for Model Specification Frank G. Landram, Amjad Abdullat, Vivek Shah 149-156 PDF
Vol 32 Property Rights and Economic Growth: Panel Data Evidence Joshua J. Lewer, Mariana Saenz 157-166 PDF
Vol 32 Effects of Supply Shock in a Monetary Union under Rules and Discretion Gaurango Banerjee 167-178 PDF
Vol 32 Officers, call for papers, manuscript guidelines Officers, call for papers, manuscript gu Officers, call for papers, manuscript guidelines 179 - 186 PDF