Volume Title Author Page Number PDF
Vol 36 Journal info., contents, preface, reviewers Journal info., contents, preface, review Journal info., contents, preface, reviewers i - viii PDF
Vol 36 Socio-Economic Workplace Experience for Wage Earners by Ethnicity and Gender Edward Nissan, George Carter 1-16 PDF
Vol 36 Undocumented Aliens and Immigration Reform: A Law and Economics Analysis Brenda E Knowles, Paul Kochanowski 17-56 PDF
Vol 36 The Geographical Market for Undocumented Workers: A Law and Economics Analysis Brenda E. Knowles, Paul Kochanowski 57-76 PDF
Vol 36 An Explicitly Expectation-Based Approach to the Study of Intercity Migration Dae Soo Lee, Warren C. Sanderson 77-94 PDF
Vol 36 How Efficient Were the New Orleans Slave Auctions?: A Structural Econometric Approach John Levendis 95-104 PDF
Vol 36 Determinants of Technical Efficiency: Urban and Rural Public Schools in the State of Georgia Zulal S. Denaux 105-166 PDF
Vol 36 Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth in Developing Countries Dosse Toulaboe, Rory Terry, Thomas Johansen 167-170 PDF
Vol 36 The Market Structure of the U.S. Economy in 1997 Fatma Abdel-Raouf 171-186 PDF
Vol 36 Superfund Sites and Race: Evidence from Houston Recai Aydin, Roger Morefield 187-196 PDF
Vol 36 The Popularity of Payday Lending: Politics, Religion, Race or Poverty? James P. Dow Jr 197-208 PDF
Vol 36 Do Stockholders Benefit from Stock Repurchases? Joan Wiggenhorn, Dave Jackson 209-218 PDF
Vol 36 A Fresh Approach to Combining Forecasts Frank G. Landram, Francis Mendez, Vivek Shah, Suzanne V. Landram 219-228 PDF
Vol 36 Officers, call for papers, manuscript guidelines Officers, call for papers, manuscript gu Officers, call for papers, manuscript guidelines 229 - 236 PDF
Vol 36 Efficiency Gains from Health Insurance Joseph Eisenhauer 117 ? 126 PDF
Vol 36 Maximizing and Satisficing Consumer Behavior: Model and Test Joshua Lewer, R. Nicholas Gerlich, and Richard Gretz 127 - 140 PDF
Vol 36 Contributions of Exports, FDI and Expatriates? Remittances to Real GDP of Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka Matiur Rahman 141 - 154 PDF