Volume Title Author Page Number PDF
Vol 47 SWER 2020 Front Pages Anne Macy i-vi PDF
Vol 47 Stationarity, Unit Roots, and Network Externalities: An MMORPG Case Study Thomas J. Webster 1-22 PDF
Vol 47 Estimating Welfare Effects from the U.S. Sugar Program Joshua J. Lewer and Lisa Parrish 23-36 PDF
Vol 47 Personal Financial Condition: A State by State Comparison Yu Zhang, Andrea Chiasson, Xun Li, and Shari Lawrence 37-70 PDF
Vol 47 The "Boomer" Effect: The Aging Population Impact on the Low Skill Labor Market Nicholas J. Hill and Dorian D. Williams 71-86 PDF
Vol 47 An Analysis of the Value Line Timeliness Ratings in a Period of Economic Growth and Market Gains Nichole Castater, Gayle Workman, and Bruce Payne 87-100 PDF
Vol 47 A Dove to Hawk Ranking of the Martin to Yellen Federal Reserves Linus Wilson 101-110 PDF
Vol 47 A New Look at the Evidence on Long-Run Monetary Neutrality Adrian Austin and Swarna Dutt 111-122 PDF
Vol 47 Business Program Capstone Results in Economics Neil Terry, Anne Macy, James Owens, and Michelle Vinyard 123-134 PDF
Vol 47 Revenue Patterns and College Football Realignment Donald I. Price and Kabir C. Sen 135-146 PDF
Vol 47 Interest Rate Setting Behaviors of Commercial Banks Over the Post-2008-Era Chu V. Nguyen 147-170 PDF
Vol 47 The Impact of FANG Stocks on Portfolio Optimization with Dow Stocks Geungu Yu 171-184 PDF
Vol 47 Bank-Based Financial Inclusion, Economic Growth and Employment in India Matiur Rahman and Sambidhan Khaniya 185-200 PDF
Vol 47 SWER 2020, Number 1, Back Pages Anne Macy 201-206 PDF