Volume Title Author Page Number PDF
Vol 35 Journal info., contents, preface, reviewers Journal info., contents, preface, review Journal info., contents, preface, reviewers i - viii PDF
Vol 35 A Time-denominated Cost-based Theory of Academic Performance Standards: The Evidence from an Experiment in the Use of Mastery Le Carl B. Montano, Andrew W. Bacdayan 1-18 PDF
Vol 35 Factors Affecting Asset Allocation Decisions in Defined Contribution Pension Plans Richard F. Bieker 19-36 PDF
Vol 35 Investigating the Demand for New Vehicle Service Contracts Evan C. Moore 37-52 PDF
Vol 35 Multiple Horizons and Information in the DOE's Energy Supply Forecasts: A Direct Test for Information Content Mark R. Manfredo, Dwight R. Sanders 53-66 PDF
Vol 35 The Ethics and Economics of File Sharing Joshua J. Lewer, R. Nicholas Gerlich, Nancy Turner 67-78 PDF
Vol 35 The Long and Short Run Determinants of the Velocity of Broad Money: Some International Evidence Hassan Shirvani, Barry Wilbratte 79-94 PDF
Vol 35 Information Technology, FDI and Economic Growth: An India Case Study Bala Veeramacheneni, Richard Vogel, E M. Ekanayake 95-112 PDF
Vol 35 Structural Determinants of Golf Course Profit: The Case of Golf Courses in Georgia Pierre I. Boumtje, Wojciech J. Florkowski, Gil Landry, Cesar L. Escalante 113-132 PDF
Vol 35 Inverted Yield Curve and Stock Performance: Recent Evidence Geungu Yu, Phillip Fuller, Dal Didia 131-138 PDF
Vol 35 Evaluation of Size and Book-to-Market Factors in Health Related Mutual Funds S. P. Uma Rao, Denis Boudreaux 139-152 PDF
Vol 35 U.S. Bilateral Nominal Trade Balance with India, Japan, Malaysia, S. Korea and Thailand, and Bilateral Nominal Exchange Rate Muhammad Mustafa, Matiur Rahman 153-162 PDF
Vol 35 Importer Oligopsony Power in the Eu: The Case of Tanzanian Chilled Fillet Exports Andrew Muhammad 163-174 PDF
Vol 35 Education?s Contribution to the Economic Growth of Sub-Saharan Africa Seid Hassan, Hanane Ahmed 174-190 PDF
Vol 35 The U.S. Intra-Industry Trade with Caribbean Countries E. M. Ekanayake, John Ledgerwood 191-210 PDF
Vol 35 Resource Substitution in Texas Nursing Facilities Kris Joseph Knox, Eric Blankmeyer, J. R. Stutzman 211-226 PDF
Vol 35 Transfer Pricing and the American University Marshall J. Horton, Kent S. Faught 227-242 PDF
Vol 35 Combining Forecasts Within the Mltivariate C_Logistic: A Fresh Approach to Forecasting Frank G. Landram, Musa Jafar, Amjad Abdullat 243-254 PDF
Vol 35 Officers, call for papers, manuscript guidelines Officers, call for papers, manuscript gu Officers, call for papers, manuscript guidelines 255 - 262 PDF